3.8 million received for focal therapy research for prostate cancer

The Radboudumc has been granted €3.8 million for research under the Promising Care program. 

Each year, almost 15,000 men in the Netherlands receive a prostate cancer diagnosis, with 90% over the age of 60. Current treatments include surgery to remove the prostate or internal or external radiation therapy. However, these can result in side effects such as incontinence, impotence, and urinary and bowel problems.

Focal therapy is a potential alternative, where only the tumor and a margin around it are treated to target only the tumor and limit damage to surrounding tissue. However, this treatment is not currently covered by health insurance as its efficacy has not been proven. The study will focus on the effectiveness, potential complications, and cost-effectiveness of the new therapy compared to current standard treatments. The funds have been made available by the Dutch Healthcare Institute and ZonMw, and the study will begin in autumn 2023. The study will enroll 356 participants from collaborating hospitals across the Netherlands, with half randomly assigned to receive standard treatment and half receiving focal therapy. If the results are positive, the treatment may be added to the basic health insurance package. 

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