Chiron Morsink

PhD Candidate

 Chiron Morsink graduated from Technical Medicine in 2018 (track Medical Imaging & Interventions), including a Radiation Protection level 3 certification. During his clinical internships and graduation internship in the AMC Amsterdam (Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology, Radiotherapy), and the UMC Utrecht (Surgery, Cardiology), he has developed special interest in (pre-)clinical validation of novel treatment options, with a focus on improving (minimally invasive) surgery, the use of multi-modality imaging techniques, and medical robotics. After his graduation, he started his PhD research in 2018 into image-guided intratumoral treatment of brain tumors by injection of (radioactive) holmium-166 microspheres, under guidance of co-promotors dr. S.A. van Nimwegen (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) and dr. J.F.W. Nijsen (Radboudumc), and promotor prof. dr. J.W. Hesselink (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine). The aims of his research are 1) Optimizing the intratumoral administration (carrier medium and injection device), 2) Developing and optimizing holmium dosimetry on CT imaging, and 3) Evaluating clinical safety and efficacy of holmium-166 microbrachytherapy in client-owned dogs (patients) with spontaneously developed brain tumors.