Han Nijsink



Han Nijsink studied Technical Medicine at the University of Twente. After graduation he worked at the 3D Lab and the Orthopedic Research Lab at the Radboudumc to investigate the accuracy of optical navigation systems and the applicability of augmented reality for improving health care. In June 2018, he started his PhD project at the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the Radboudumc to take part in the SPECTRE project, supervised by Jurgen Fütterer. The project aims to bring MR-guided vascular interventions into clinical practice taking full advantage of the high soft tissue contrast of the MR scanner. Within the project, a collaboration with different partners is established to realize tracking of the guidewire and to enable advancement of the guidewire by an MR-compatible robot. Furthermore, Han is still working at the 3D Lab where his focus is augmented reality and surgical planning for orthognatic surgery and complex craniofacial deformities.​