MR Imaging of Prostate Cancer at 3T: the Pros and Cons of Scanning with Endorectal Coil

Stijn W.T.P.J. Heijmink
Promotor J.O. Barentsz and J.A. Witjes
Copromotor J.J. Fütterer and T.W.J. Scheenen
Institute Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Date June 24, 2015

An overview of the current MR imaging techniques and literature available was given. Thereafter, the possibilities of prostate MR imaging at 3T using an endorectal coil were examined. An early study demonstrated the feasibility of determining the local disease stage with an endorectal coil using predefined criteria for extraprostatic extension, obtaining both a high sensitivity and specificity for determining the exact local disease stage. A direct comparison between imaging without and with an endorectal coil at 3T showed a significantly higher accuracy with endorectal coil imaging in exactly localizing prostate cancer within the prostate as well as in assessing the local disease stage. Minimal capsular penetration could be detected only using an endorectal coil.