Multiparametric MR imaging and MR guided biopsy: prostate cancers diagnosis and risk-stratification

Caroline M.A. Hoeks
Promotor J.O. Barentsz
Copromotor J.J. Fütterer, C.A. Hulsbergen- van de Kaa and I.M. van Oort
Institute Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Date October 4, 2013

Current epidemiologic studies show a high prevalence of prostate cancers. Many patients have low-risk cancers and do not develop clinical symptoms during their lifetime. As the majority of prostate cancers behaves as a chronic disease rather than as a lethal cancer, diagnostic tools, which involve an accurate patient riskstratification as part of a prostate cancer diagnosis are required. This thesis aims to evaluate multiparametric MR imaging and MR guided biopsy in prostate cancer diagnosis and in risk-stratification.